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Serving Kennebec and Somerset Counties in Maine

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Family Violence Project (FVP) is bound by strict confidentiality provisions under the Violence Against Women Act. FVP collects limited personal information about the people we serve in a computer system called Empower DB.  This is a secure, end-to-end encrypted web-based database accessible only by FVP staff.  


  • So we know how many people we serve and the types of people we serve at our Agency and in the state. 
  • So we all understand what people need and can plan and evaluate services to meet those needs. 
  • To satisfy the requirements of various state and federal offices. 


  • People who work for this Agency will use it to help provide services to you or your family. 
  • You may view your information upon request.  
  • The law says we have to report physical or sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults. If we have cause to suspect that there is abuse or neglect in your household, we must report it to Child or Adult Protection or directly to the District Attorney’s Office. 
  • Others as required by law, including officials with a valid subpoena, warrant, or court order. 
  • Organizations that run, administer, and work, on the Empower DB system DO NOT HAVE ACCESS.  The information is protected by end-to-end encryption which keeps information secret from and prevents third parties from accessing it.      
  • We will not disclose your information for any other use unless you permit it in writing. 


  • All staff and volunteers of FVP must sign an agreement to protect your privacy and comply with state and federal laws and policies before seeing any information. 
  • The computer program used for this purpose has industry-standard security safeguards and protocols and is updated regularly to meet these security requirements. It uses end-to-end encryption to protect your information.  
  • Information about who we serve is only reported in aggregate and in a de-identified fashion.   


  • If you do not want your name or other potentially identifying information entered in our system, tell the advocate.   
  • FVP will still help you if you refuse to share personal information or to authorize FVP to share your information with other providers/agencies with a signed release. However, federal and state regulations may require limited data collection for funding purposes. If you choose not to share some personal information, there are some outside resources that may not be available to you, for instance, certain types of housing assistance.     
  • You have the right to request a copy of FVP’s information about you. 
  • You have the right to correct mistakes in FVP’s information about you. 
  • You have the right to request that FVP’s records about you be deleted.   
  • If you think this Agency violated your privacy rights, you have the right to complain or appeal.  

When receiving services at our property, please note Family Violence Project utilizes closed-circuit cameras on its properties.  It is our hope that they will discourage trespassing, loitering, vandalism, or any other illegal or unwanted activity. The cameras are not monitored in real-time. The cameras may view entrances/exits, and external perimeters, and will never be placed inside confidential spaces in our buildings.  Video will not be viewed by or shared with any individual or entity outside our organization unless deemed necessary by the Executive Director in accordance with our confidentiality policy. 

Support FVP

Thanks to your generosity, we can continue to provide so many needed and important services: our helpline, advocacy work, support groups, shelter & supportive housing, prevention & training programs, children’s work, and Menswork, a program that works directly with abusers who want to change their behavior.


Donations can be mailed to:
Family Violence Project
P O Box 304
Augusta, Me 04332-0304

Online donations can be made via DonorPerfect:



We couldn't provide the services we do without the ongoing support of a large and active network of volunteers. There are many ways volunteers work with and support us. If you are interested in donating your time, please contact Jaime, Co-Director of Advocacy Programs, at 2076238637, x302 or [email protected]