People With Disabilities Abuse

People With Disabilities

Does Someone Who is Supposed to Care For & About You…

  • Often make fun of your disability?
  • Tell you that you’re unable to make decisions?
  • Keep you from talking to or seeing other people, including friends, case managers, or advocates?
  • Deny access to equipment or programs that might help you live more independently?
  • Hurt, or threaten to hurt you or your children?
  • Threaten to tell social services that you’re unable to care for yourself or your children because of your disability?
  • Use your money or possessions without your permission?
  • Restrain you unnecessarily?
  • Withhold your medication or over-medicate you?
  • Deny food, water, help with toileting, proper and clean clothing, or shelter?
  • Leave you alone with no way to call for help?
  • Blame your disability and the stress of caring for you for their abusive behavior?
  • Force you to do sexual things you’re uncomfortable with?

Abuse is NOT a price you have to pay for care. If someone is abusing you, or if someone you know is being abused, please contact our Helpline. We’ll work with you as you explore your options and you decide what’s best for you. You don’t deserve to live in fear. No one does.