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Serving Kennebec and Somerset Counties in Maine

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FVP Receives Large Contribution from Local Real Estate Agency

Strong Partners Support Home Buyers on the Resources for Violence Within Homes

Local Real Estate Agency, Laflin & Wolfington, donates $15,000 to Family Violence Project in an ongoing partnership to support victims and survivors of domestic abuse.

Augusta, Maine April 1, 2021 – Family Violence Project received a large donation as part of an ongoing partnership between a domestic violence resource center and a real estate agency. Laflin & Wolfington Realty of Farmingdale has taken on the challenge of ending domestic abuse within its community by raising more than $65,000 for the cause. They have built a system in which a donation is made each time a home is purchased or sold through their agency. The staff has donated items for holidays, back-to-school programs, and more. “The agency has been one of our strongest community partners to date,” said Nathan MacDonald, Development and Community Engagement Director for Family Violence Project. “Not only has Laflin & Wolfington Realty contributed significant funds to the agency, but they have also gone out of their way to educate home buyers and sellers on domestic abuse in their presentations, newsletters, and promotional material.”

In 2019, a domestic assault was reported in Maine every 2 hours and 22 minutes, according to the State of Maine Department of Public Safety’s ‘Crime in Maine’ document. This ever-present challenge makes community partnerships even more important in supporting survivors. “Laflin and Wolfington Realty’s commitment to supporting victims/survivors of domestic violence is evident through their ongoing partnership with Family Violence Project. They are community leaders by speaking out for this cause, as well as securing regular donations that help the people we serve” stated Pamela Morin, Executive Director for Family Violence Project. “With each donation we receive, we become all that much closer to our shared goal to end domestic violence. I want to express a special thank you to them for consistently making a difference through their awareness, generosity, and dedication!” Laflin & Wolfington Realty is located at 704 Maine Avenue, Farmingdale ME 04344 and can be contacted by phone at 207-629-9211 or by email at [email protected]

About Family Violence Project:

Family Violence Project (FVP) is the domestic violence resource center in Kennebec and Somerset counties. The mission of FVP is to end domestic abuse within the two counties through a variety of services and actions. If you or a loved one is experiencing abuse, please call our 24/7, free, confidential helpline: 1-877-890-7788

Voices Carry – Raise Them Up

When we raise our voices, a beautiful chorus resounds. Our stories become one harmonic note and the world is changed. If you have lived with, survived, or ever before experienced abuse at the hands of a partner, someone you love, or loved, someone who told you they cared about or loved you, please share one moment of your story with us.

Are you healing now? Are you barely holding onto your sense of reality? Do you feel alone? Is the abuse in the past and you now feel only gratitude? Do you grieve the loss of something and someone, even knowing that person had to go? Do you feel strong, over it, and determined never to go there again?

Please reach out to us…Write it, say it, share it. Is it safe for you to tell your story in front of a group? Would you consider doing so?

40 Years

On February 21, 1978, a small group of women in the Augusta area signed the Articles of Incorporation for Family Violence Assistance Project. In Maine and across the country, activists were mobilizing to create a safety net for victims of domestic violence by providing comprehensive direct advocacy with and on behalf of survivors, including shelter, support groups, and crisis intervention.

They sought to “educate and inform… of the needs and the critical problems of battered spouses, and of the social forces and attitudes which contribute to the problem.”

Over 40 years later, we continue this work. Strong coalitions and committed individuals support our efforts. Almost half of all homicides in Maine are perpetrated by a current or former intimate partner, dating partner, or family member, 40 years later. Safety and peace in our homes is possible. We believe it will take our entire community to make this happen.

Throughout the coming year, the Family Violence Project will recognize and remember. We are a hard-working group of committed advocates, including our Board, Staff, and Volunteers. We shall celebrate because without joy and connection, there will never be change.

Ours is humble work and earnest, and we lean into it for a journey much longer than we knew in our earlier years. We hope you will follow our postings, our newsletter, and our activities throughout the year. We hope you will join us in whatever way that makes the most sense for you.

March 2018 is a moment to honor those who have survived abuse, to appreciate the growth from surviving to thriving for so many, and to acknowledge that too many lives have been stolen. It is an opportunity for FVP to reflect on our role in creating our vision of a community where violence is unacceptable and people treat each other concerning move our mission to end Domestic Abuse in Kennebec and Somerset counties.