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Serving Kennebec and Somerset Counties in Maine

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You are not alone.
No one deserves to be hit or threatened.

Call Our Helpline: 1-877-890-7788

The mission of the Family Violence Project is to end domestic abuse in Kennebec and Somerset counties.

About Abuse

Domestic abuse is a deliberate and ongoing pattern of behavior used by one person to control the actions and feelings of an intimate partner or family member. Abuse is not an isolated, explosive event or two. A clear warning sign of abuse is a constant fear of your partner.

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24/7 Help

If you're frightened, worried about your safety and the safety of your children, or confused by what's going on in your relationship, call us right now. If you suspect someone you know might be in an abusive situation, we want to help with that too. Our services are free and confidential.

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Our Shelter

If your home is dangerous because of domestic abuse, please contact us. Emergency shelter provides people in crisis with a temporary, safe place to live. You deserve to be safe.

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Support Groups

If you've experienced physical or emotional abuse,our support groups help you to connect with others who share similar experiences, build resources and plan for your ongoing safety. Join us to heal, grow, get support – and offer your support to others.

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Education Programs

We have comprehensive programs to educate people in the community about the dimensions and dynamics of abuse and the importance of early intervention to break the escalating cycle of violence. In the same way people say no to drunk driving, they must say no to violence. We cannot end domestic violence alone.

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We all want to end abuse in the lives of the people we care about, in our communities, and in the world. Domestic abuse often seems like an insurmountable problem. When we work together, there is hope.

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