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Menswork/Batterers Intervention

Mens GroupThe Menswork program has a three-fold goal: to help stop domestic violence, to hold abusers accountable for their actions -- and to give abusers the tools and support they need to change.

And because men who have verbally, mentally, financially or physically abused their partners are more likely to abuse their children as well, Menswork also addresses the connections between intimate partner abuse and child abuse.

We hold our group education classes in Kennebec and Somerset Counties and participants are expected to

  • Refrain from any abusive activities during the 48-week program
  • Consistently attend the weekly two-hour classes
  • Actively participate in the program by volunteering information and life experiences, and completing an average of 15 minutes of homework per week.

Menswork staff will model the skills they teach by consistently treating participants—and each other—with respect, honesty, and cooperation.

Program Objectives

To help men understand that

  1. Domestic abuse and violence – and the acts of power and control involved – is a choice.
  2. They can choose instead to be respectful and loving to their family members.
  3. Abuse negatively affects intimate partners, children, and their own quality of life.
  4. Abuse is a learned way of behaving, and it can be replaced when respectful ways of interacting are learned.
  5. Healthy relationships are based on trust, friendship, security, intimacy and respect – and their relationships will be sad and empty until they
      • identify and examine their abusive behaviors
      • recognize their personal belief systems are built on male privilege and entitlement
      • put into practice the skills learned in the Menswork classes


Once a man becomes accountable for all these things, he can develop the healthy, pro-social skills needed to become successful in an intimate relationship.  He will also understand that the only person he can change is himself and then willingly work to make the changes he needs to.


We charge an initial $50 screening and intake fee for the Menswork program, and each weekly class costs $35, to be paid at time of class meeting




Please contact Jon Heath,

Menswork Director


Menswork is certified by the Maine Department of Corrections. Men who receive a domestic violence assault charge are not required to attend Menswork, though the program may be a court ordered requirement for those men found guilty of domestic violence charges. Men are encouraged to attend voluntarily before their abusive behaviors become criminal.